Safety Plans & Signs


Yacht Safety Plans

Ships safety plans are subject to legislation and should be updated every time your equipment is moved to a new location or new equipment added to the vessel.

We offer a comprehensive service to redraw or adapt your plans with a fast turn around time to ensure your plans will pass inspection by the authorities.

Accepted by insurance companies and flag states.



Fire plan holder

UPVC holder with weatherproof screw end cap comes complete with fixings and has been specifically designed to comply with the requirements of the SOLAS regulations.

Supplied in two different sizes to accommodate your fire plans.

Fire Plan Holder (345x125mm)   CODE: SNG1117

Fire Plan Holder (1000x110mm) CODE: SNG1118



Self Adhesive Signs


Safety signs are required to complement or expand the scope of officially designated signage. Many of these signs will be required by Flag State and Classification Authorities to cover safety and life saving equipment. With increasing numbers of new vessel and safety equipment appearing, special signage is always required.

Standard products are produced in white self-adhesive vinyl (WV) or white rigid PVC (WR) photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl (PV) or photoluminescent rigid PVC (PR).

We can also enquire about custom materials and designs - PVC, aluminium, brass, polycarbonate etc.