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Pains & Wessex Red Hand Flare Mk8

Pains Wessex Red Hand Flare Mk8

Unique, compact, telescopic handle allows easy extension for safe operation and saves space in stowage. Red hand-held, short range distress signal. Used to pinpoint location by day or night. Burns for 60 seconds at 15,000 candela. Features a unique telescopic handle making it very compact and space saving when stowed in a life raft. Easily extended and pull wire operated.
Typically 6 hand flares are required to be fitted in SOLAS/ commercial life rafts and life boats.

Pains & Wessex Red Hand Flare Mk8  FLR0100 Red Hand Flare


Pains & Wessex White Hand Flare Mk8

Pains Wessex White Hand Flare Mk8

Designed for use as a collision warning signal or for illuminating small areas where an intense white light is required. Features a unique telescopic handle. For use in day and night short range collision warning situations and for illuminating small areas. Fully extend handle, remove white end cap, pull toggle sharply away from body. Hold above head, outboard and downwind. Store on board in our Mini or Large Polybottles .

Pains & Wessex White Hand Flare Mk8  FLR0115 White Hand Flare


Pains Wessex Lifesmoke MK9

Compact, flat-top day-time orange smoke distress signal providing effective position marking or indication of wind direction during rescue operations.

The NEW Pains Wessex Lifesmoke MK9 is a compact, flat top, day time distress signal designed to be easy and safe to handle. It provides effective position marking during rescue operations and can be used to indicate wind direction, producing dense orange smoke for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Safe to use on oil or petrol covered water. Conforming to SOLAS 74/88 as amended . Two signals are required to be carried in SOLAS liferafts and lifeboats. Two are supplied in RORC and Offshore leisure kits.

Pains & Wessex Buoyant Smoke Mk9  FLR0110 Buoyant Smoke Mk8


Pains & Wessex Red Parachute Rocket Mk8A

Para Red Rocket conforms to SOLAS 74/88. A long range distress signal.

The Pains Wessex Para Red MK8A Rocket conforms to SOLAS 74/88 as amended. Designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and to perform reliably even after immersion in water, the pull wire ignitor and improved grip provides easy handling. Ejecting a red flare on a parachute at 300m ( 1000ft), burning for 40 seconds at 30,000 candela.

Pains & Wessex Red Parachute Rocket Mk8A  FLR0105 Red Parachute Rocket Mk8A


Pains & Wessex Line Thrower 250

Pains and Wessex Linethrower 250

Self-contained line throwing appliance. Plastic launcher with 250m of 4mm dia. line. Needs to be fitted with 50080 rocket prior to use. Typically 4 units required to be carried on SOLAS vessels. Replace container along with every third set of rockets i.e. after 9 years. Non-hazardous for transport without rocket fitted. With 50080 rocket fitted, the appliance is used to pass a line 250m to another ship or ship to shore or to aid a swimmer in distress. Instructions are printed on the side of the container.

Pains & Wessex Line Thrower 250  FLR0175 Line thrower complete
Pains & Wessex Line Thrower 250  FLR0220 Replacement rocket



Pains & Wessex MOB Smoke + Light Mk9

pains and wessex smoke and light mk9

The Pains Wessex Manoverboard MK9 Compact Lifebuoy Marker is normally mounted on a ship's bridge wing attached to a 4 kg lifebuoy. It is automatically or manually deployed to mark the position of a person in the water by day or night. Featuring a self-activated LED lighting system which exceeds SOLAS requirements for 2 candela light output and 2 hours duration, plus providing 15 minutes of dense orange smoke. Ships are required to fit at least two markers

SOLAS Approved Product
Pains & Wessex MOB Smoke + Light Mk9  FLR0140 Smoke + Light Mk9

light and smoke

Flare container


21 Litre Polybottle - water resistant storage bottle for flares

Ideally flares should be kept in a dry accessible position preferably in a custom built polybottle.

WIDTH   100 mm

HEIGHT   300 mm

WEIGHT    1.4 kg