Man Overboard Recovery Systems

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Jonbuoy Recovery Module Mk5

Jonbuoy Recovery Module Mk5

Recovering a man overboard can be an extremely hazardous operation for both the crew and the casualty, regardless of vessel size.

The Jonbuoy Recovery Module is designed to make this a simple operation, whilst increasing vital visibility and buoyancy for the casualty.

Now with Kannad R10 attachment point! Available with White or Carbon Black casings from stock.

Bulkhead and remote versions by request.


jonbuoy recovery sling  JON1000 White Pushpit mount

Jonbuoy Recovery Module Mk5 black carbon  JON1005 Black Pushpit mount


jonbuoy recovery sling  JON1020 White Bulkhead mount

Jonbuoy Recovery Module Mk5 black carbon  JON1025 Black Bulkhead mount


Remote release system:

jonbuoy recovery sling  JON12505 Jonbuoy Module Release Pack

jonbuoy recovery sling  JON1350 Jonbuoy Module Release Switches

jonbuoy recovery sling  JON1355 Jonbuoy Remote Launch Re-arm Kit

jon buoy danbouy recovery system
jon buoy danbouy recovery system

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Jonbuoy Danbuoy

The Jonbuoy inflatable Danbuoy.

The inflatable Jonbuoy Danbuoy is stylish, compact and weighs only 3.3kg. It can be mounted on the pushpit and is easily deployed in an emergency. In the event of a man overboard, simply unclip the unit from its mounting bracket and throw; the danbuoy then automatically inflates. It replaces the traditional danbuoy, light, drogue and whistle

Available with black or white casing by request.


jonbuoy recovery sling white   JON2005 Danbuoy White
jonbuoy recovery sling black  JON2006 Danbuoy Black

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Jonbuoy Danbuoy and Horseshoe

The Jonbuoy inflatable Danbuoy and Horseshoe.

This combination of Danbuoy and Horseshoe conforms to the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and is a natural extension of the original inflatable Jonbuoy Danbuoy. This easy to fit solution comes complete with a high impact casing, rail mounting cradle, inflatable danbuoy,inflatable horseshoe, drogue, whistle and danbuoy light. An optional light can also be fitted to the horseshoe

Available with black or white casing by request.


jonbuoy recovery sling white   JON2200 Danbuoy & Horseshoe White
jonbuoy recovery sling black  JON2250 Danbuoy & Horseshoe Black

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Jonbuoy Inflatable Rescue Sling

The Jonbuoy Inflatable Rescue Sling is specifically designed for the quick and easy recovery of a water borne casualty. Packing neatly into an easily stowable soft or hard case, the versatile fitting allows it to be attached to any suitable boat or land based fixture.The pouch weight allows an accurate throw to the casualty of up to 30 metres.


Upon contact with the water the sling automatically inflates and comes with retro reflective tape and automatic light as standard. Safe working load of 175kg.

Jonbuoy Inflatable Rescue Sling  JON3050 Container

Jonbuoy Inflatable Rescue Sling  JON3060 Valise


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Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe

The Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe is a direct replacement for the traditional horseshoe lifebuoys.

Available in single or double versions, these compact units come fitted with an oral tube, drogue, retro tape, and an automatic inflation system as standard. An automatic light is an optional extra that can be fitted to the horseshoe. The weighted pouch allows an accurate throw to the casualty


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  JON3215 Container

Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  JON3200 Valise


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Standard Lifebuoy Rings

MED/SOLAS approved lifebuoy rings feature a hard shell that does not deteriorate in extreme weather conditions.

Feature 4 retro-reflecting tapes and a 3 m grabline.
Polyethylene outer structure, filled with polyurethane foam.
Stowage height : anywhere up to 30 m above the waterline.

Colour high visibility orange with reflective tape and life line.


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0050  3Kg Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS 73cm.


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0055  4,6Kg Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS 73cm.


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Horseshoe Lifebuoy Rings

These super soft traditional horseshoe lifebuoys have been designed for long term durability and high flexibility to ensure that they are suitable for all crew members.

All horseshoes come with a 6mm floating safety line, a high visibility zip on cover and are available in yellow or white. The lifebuoy sets include a substantial rail mounting bracket and the standard Ocean Safety lifebuoy light.

Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0135 Horseshoe Ring Yellow


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0136 Horseshoe Ring White


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0130 Horseshoe Yellow with Bracket & Standard Light


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0131 Horseshoe White with Bracket & Standard Light


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0116 Horseshoe Yellow with Bracket & Apollo Light


Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe  LBU0118 Horseshoe White with Bracket & Apollo Light


ocean safety horse shoe life ring

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Apollo Lifebuoy Light MED/SOLAS

Easily fitted SOLAS. MED approved LED Technology. Five year life.

No maintenance or replacement batteries are required.

76 metre drop height, exceeding SOLAS requirements, LED technology.

Exempt from Class 9 transport requirements.


Apollo Lifebuoy Light   LBU0280 Apollo Lifebuoy Light

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Lifebuoy Light SOLAS

This lifebuoy light complies with the L.S.A code capable of burning continuously with a luminous intensity of not less than 2 candelas in all directions of the upper hemisphere for a period of at least 2hrs (at white color). SOLAS approved.


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Ocean Rescue Line for 30" Lifebuoy

For 30" standard round lifebuoy Contains 30m of line
Fits inside lifebuoy
Opaque colour for longer rope life

LBU 0094 Rescue Line

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Trem Heaving Line

Allowing increased accuracy in any under and over arm heaving line throw, this sock like package also provides a compact way to store 20 metres of buoyant line on-board. Available with or without a bracket, the design allows easy re-packing.

SAF0025 (Trem heaving line)

SAF0027 (Stainless steel bracket for heaving line)

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This dayglow drogue is useful to help prevent the problem of downwind drifting. It comes in a pocket for easy stowage withand a lifebuoy attachment.

LBU0300 Lifebuoy Drogue & Pocket

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Rescue sling utilising a lifting strop with 30 metres of floating yellow line. Simple instructions are printed on both sides of the PVC bag to assist with its simple operation. The bag has been designed so that it can be easily fitted to guardrail. Available in a white or yellow valise.

Easy to mount
30 mtr floating line
Utilising a helicopter lifting strop
Retro reflective tape

LBU 0148 Rescue Sling

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Helicopter Strop

Certified helicopter strop


A foam padded helicopter (style) lifting strop. Ideal for lifting crewmen using a crane, davit or halyard. Constructed from double stitched polyester webbing encompassed in shape forming foam padding with a high visibility outer cover. Overall length tip to tip 2.3m. Each strop is individually tested and comes with a Test Certificate ensuring a SWL of 150kg

ocean safety helicopter strop  LBU0180  


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Safety Ladder

Webbing Safety Ladder


KIM Safety Ladder.
Easy to fasten to a toe or handrail. Made from polyester webbing, packed into a compact white pvc bag.
Designed as a pull down ladder which can be reached from in the water.

• Length 2.4m
• Maximum load 175kg
• 3 buckle fastening


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Jason's Cradle



The Standard Jason’s Cradle® is proven to aid in the safe and speedy recovery of man overboard victims in the preferred horizontal position.
Designed as a pull down ladder which can be reached from in the water.

SOLAS Type Approved by Lloyd’s Register and guaranteed for 3 years

Standard units can be supplied in widths from 710mm to 1,050mm and are available in various lengths suitable for a freeboard up to 5 metres.