Professional Solas Liferafts


Xtrem Zodiac Solas Liferaft

Xtrem Zodiac life raft

The Xtrem Zodiac life raft features a new, specialised packing method which offers a container dimension much smaller than any other on the market making it ideal for use on yachts or smaller commercial vessels.

Available from 6 to 16 person capacity either with SOLAS A or SOLAS B emergency packs.



Zodiac Flatpack Solas Liferaft

All of our Zodiac life rafts are manufactured from durable polyurethane coated fabric featuring a fully enclosed, double-insulated, high visibility canopy complete with retro reflective tape, lights and radar attachments. Designed for easy boarding and maximum stability.

Available from 6 to 20 person capacity either with SOLAS A or SOLAS B emergency packs.



Zodiac Cylindrical Solas Liferaft

zodiac cylindrical life raft container

Cylindrical packs offer a substantial increase in capacity and serve up to 150 persons. They are available in various stowage height options and can be configured for double stack sytems.

Available in davit launch or throw over versions.

Available from 6 to 150 person capacity either with SOLAS A or SOLAS B emergency packs.




Surviva liferafts are RFD's core product range and are undoubtedly the most popular professional life rafts.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards and stowed in a variety of containers designed to suit most deck spaces, this product is fully approved ensuring its suitability for any vessel throughout the world.

Capacities from 6 to 25 Persons in cylindrical containers with SOLAS A or B Packs.

# RFD Surviva RAF3020

# RFD Surviva RAF3030

# RFD Surviva RAF3040

# RFD Surviva RAF3050

# RFD Surviva RAF3060

# RFD Surviva RAF3070

#  RAF3080
rfd surviva life raft
rfd surviva life rafts in situ


Ocean SOLAS Compact Life Raft RAF 5010

The Compact life raft is available in sizes 6-16 persons, with the options of SOLAS A & B packs. It is built to the advanced buoyancy of 82.5kg per person, to meet the MSC.295(87) regulations.

Designed and developed in-house; the SOLAS Compact is a progression of the military range which Ocean Safety has been supplying to the MOD for over ten years.

The SOLAS Compact offers a 40% space reduction over the cylindrical container, when room onboard is at a premium. It can be stored horizontally or vertically if secured correctly and is ideal for vessels with a freeboard requirement of up to 18m. The life raft is hermetically sealed to achieve greater protection when stored on deck.

eurovinil silver series RAF 1850
eurovinil silver series RAF 1855
eurovinil silver series RAF 1860
eurovinil silver series RAF 1865
eurovinil silver series RAF 1870
eurovinil silver series