Immersion Suits

immersion suits

Intrepid Mk8 Immersion Suit

Intrepid Marine Mk8 immersion suit Oscar Sierra

The Intrepid Marine Mk8 has been designed as an easy don, low cost, lightweight emergency Immersion suit that when packed in its zip pouch is small enough to be stored in a locker or at a workstation.
The Mk 8 suit is manufactured from a tough coated nylon in a high visibility red which gives the wearer the maximum opportunity of being located even in conditions of poor light.

The Mk8 is designed to give a generous fitting, and will accommodate a wide range of different sized wearers.

A generous foot size allows for donning when wearing heavy work boots.



oss immersion suit  LIF0600 MK8 Immersion Suit Universal (65-95kg)

oss immersion suit  LIF0605 MK8 Immersion Suit XL (+95kg)

immersion suits

Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit

The lntrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit is one of the world's premier insulated suits. It gives the wearer the ultimate chance of survival in an emergency situation. Careful attention has been given to the following important areas.


Manufactured from 4-way stretch 5mm neoprene, it has been specifically designed to give the wearer maximum freedom of both movement and vision during the critical time of abandonment and at the same time offering excellent thermal insulation and a level of fire resistance.


The close fitting design minimises the amount of unwanted air trapped in the lower part of the suit.



oss immersion suit  LIF0601 MK1 Immersion Suit Universal (65-95kg)


oss immersion suit  LIF0602 MK1 Immersion Suit XL (+95kg)



Crewsaver Immersion Suit

Crewsaver immersion suits are fully approved to the current SOLAS MED regulations. They are made from 5mm fire retardant neoprene to provide good insulation and resistance to oil, sunlight and seawater. Quick and easy to put on, each is supplied in its own carry bag with donning instructions included.

The suit also provides thermal protection. The neoprene immersion suit should be used with an approved lifejacket. Waterproof zip and MED/SOLAS approved reflective tape 5mm neoprene face flap and inside chin flap for dual protection. Outer material neoprene. Withstands the impact of a jump into water from 4.5m. Fire retardant neoprene construction.

Easily stowed and can be donned in under 2 minutes.





crewsaver immersion suit  LIF0664 Crewsaver Endurance M (150-170cm)


crewsaver immersion suit  LIF0666 Crewsaver Endurance L (170-190cm)


crewsaver immersion suit  LIF0671 Crewsaver Endurance XL (190-210cm)


crewsaver immersion suit  LIF0675 Crewsaver Child c/w harness